Monday, November 28, 2005

Cheesden Valley Project

I have set up this site as a collection point for all my activities relating to the Cheesden Valley which is situated near Heywood Lancashire UK. I am carrying out a personal project to record some of the archaeological remains of the 15 mills which are scattered throughout the valley. All of the posts are taken from my architecture blog, where I post regularly about my architectural photography.

Notes on using this blog

  • This blog is updated as and when I post information abouth the Cheesden site in my architecture blog, so it will not be updated on a daily basis. This site does have an atom feed which is
  • The latest information appears after this introduction. You can check out the archives for further information or you can search this blog for any of the mills which might be commented upon.
  • Comments are welcome and will enhance this blog as a useful resource. Please note that all images and words are copyright Andy Marshall and should not be used elsewhere without contacting the author.


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