Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Brook at Deeply Vale

Remarkable it is to see the Brook at Deeply Vale at full pelt. Swollen with fall off from the North Pennine Moors, it rattles its way along the Deeply Vale section like a bob sleigh. For over 200 metres the river has been laid with beautifully hewn sandstone setts and bordered with an imposing 2m high dry stone wall. It must have been a remarkable enterprise - no doubt the builders would have had to damn the river and re-direct it during construction.

I was brave and climbed into the river to take a few photographs and walked its full length to the top where the remains of a stone jamb to hold a sluice gate leans over tentatively.

I have produced a Google Earth archi-map of Cheesden where you can view the location of the Deeply Vale Mill and Brook which flows past.


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