Friday, December 30, 2005

Below the bridge at Cheesden

No, there wasn't a troll but there is a spirit of kinds - the spirit of mans endeavours and of civilisation lost. Not a soul in site - look into the distance and you can see 2k's worth of camera equipment left out in the open - just how isolated this location is.

Remember 'Planet of the Apes' - at the very end (or was it at the beginning?) when the man turns up at the beach and sees the Statue of Liberty derelict on the floor? Just what I felt like during the soggy hour I spent yesterday, beneath the crumbling C19th pack horse bridge.

See the carved and patterned coping? Testament to what our forbears thought of their utilitarian and industrial environment. Kudos to them eh?


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am interested to see your writings about my home district. I have lived just above the bridge for over50 years and have feelings of deep sorrow about the iminent destruction by the windfarm, only last week large drilling machines were operating only 50 yards from the bridge. I would be very interested to see your photographs, I have walked and played throughout this area since childhood but can no longer tramp about due to injury. But I hsve spectacular photographs taken 2 years ago when the brook was in full flood the bridge was covered and a large part of the mill was washed away. The footbridge washed away some 100 yards and we have the photographs showing large sections of the bedrock.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger BA(Hons)Lit.Hist; DipBldgCons(RICS) said...

Hi There

Thanks for your comments. It would be interesting to see some of your photos - perhaps if you would like send me an email and we could take it from there. I can email you a link to all of the Cheesden photos also


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