Monday, January 02, 2006

Gruesome Find

Another trip into Cheesden today and found the carcass of a deer at the back of Washwheel Mill. I didn't know we had deer in the Cheesden Valley.

The light was dull and morbid today much in keeping with my gruesome find, but the day nevertheless was invigorating. I spent much time taking photo's of parts of the industrial remains of a site called Deeply Vale. There was no sun, so I took photo's of parts that the sun never reaches - like under the packhorse bridge which leads onto the damhead of the lodge.

Getting into the Cheesden Valley isn't easy. Take the Elbut Lane and you have to walk around a mile uphill and then take a steep traverse into the valley before getting close to the first mill. I like this reverential space around the valley - it keeps it special. It reminds me of the Greek and Roman classical temples which have a hierarchy of space which imbues them with mystique and spirituality. The valley is just like this and I can't wait to get back there as soon as possible.


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